H2H: Ted Williams vs. Stan Musial

This is a new piece on the website that we are starting called “Head-to-Head” where we compare two great baseball players, give all the stats and then you, our viewers, will decide who is better. This week we are comparing “Splendid Splinters” Ted Williams, an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox who played from 1939 to 1960 and “Stan The Man” Stan Musial, the outfielder and first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1941-1963.  

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Ted Williams made his major league debut on April 20, 1939 against the New York Yankees where he went 1-4 with a double in a 2-0 nothing loss. This however, was just the beginning of his Hall-of-Fame career. In his rookie year Ted Williams put up 31  home runs, 145 RBI (yes you read that right), and had a .325 batting average. He also finished 4th in the MVP voting and would have won Rookie of the Year for sure, but sadly that award wasn’t started until one year later (1940), but even then the award didn’t become national until 1947.

For the next 4 years Ted Williams continued to produce amazing numbers averaging 32 homers, 135 runs, 129 RBI, and had a mind blowing .358 average as well as a .483 OBP. This man just simply did not want to get out. He made the All-Star team all 3 years and found his way on to the MVP ballet, finishing second twice. However, this great player took a break out of his game at the end of the 1942 season to join the military. America was forced into World War 2 and Ted Williams became a pilot in the Air Force, bravely serving his country until the end of the war in 1945 when he went back to baseball. However, he left again in 1952 for a year to go fight in Korea so he played in only 43 games over that 2 year span.

Ted Williams finished his career in 1963 with breathtaking numbers. His final game was played on September 28, 1960 and was elected into the Hall-of-Fame in 1966. After playing 19 seasons this is what he had racked up for numbers-

  • 2,654 Hits
  • 521 Home runs
  • 1,839 RBI
  • 24 SB
  • 709 Strikeouts & 2,021 Walks
  • .344 AVG, .482 OBP, .634 SLG

These  are some impressive numbers. As for awards and records-

  • 17 Time All-Star
  • 2 AL MVP (1946, 1949)
  • 2 Triple Crowns (1942, 1947)
  • 6 AL Batting Champion
  • 4 AL Home Run Champion
  • 4 AL RBI Champion
  • Major League Baseball All-Time team
  • Major League Baseball All-Century team
  • .482 On Base Percentage (Highest of All-Time)

Ted Williams was a stellar player but so was Stan Musial. Musial debuted on September 17, 1941 where he went 2 for 4 with a double and 2 RBI, a nice way to start off a career. He also joined the military in 1945 and saw it through until the end of the war. Over the first 3 year full years of his career he averaged 188 hits, 12 long balls, 82 RBI, .339 AVG, .393 OBP, and .533 Slugging. He only made the All-Star game twice out of those 3 years, but won the NL MVP in 1943.

Stan Musial had an amazing career which came to an end on September 29, 1963. He was inducted into the Hall-of-Fame in 1969. His stats were jaw dropping as in a 22 year career he put up-

  • 3,630 Hits
  • 475 Home Runs
  • 1,951 RBI
  • 78 SB
  • 696 Strike Outs & 1599 Walks
  • .331 AVG, .417 OBP, .559 SLG

He also had several awards-

  • 20 Time All-Star
  • 3 Time World Series Champion (1942,1944,1946)
  • 3 Time NL MVP (1943, 1946, 1948)
  • 7 Time NL Batting Champion
  • 2 Time NL RBI Champion (1948, 1956)
  • 1957 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award
  • Major League Baseball All-Century Team

These players are considered two of the greatest and I have the utmost respect for both of these men, but now it’s time for you the readers to decide who was better. Cast your vote in our poll.

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Ted Williams vs Stan Musial H2H: Ted Williams vs. Stan Musial 00d92a22d7138dc7b68ea4576f66e6f0 s 80 d retro r G

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