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ESPN releases Sunday Night Baseball schedule for 2014’s first half


Through a press release on Wednesday, ESPN announced the schedule for the 25th season of Sunday Night Baseball. Eleven games will be telecast in the first half, with ten already set and one still to be decided. Here’s the schedule, courtesy of Hardball Talk:

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Sunday Night Baseball in 2014 will debut on March 30 with the Los Angeles Dodgers and their crazy nuts payroll visiting the San Diego Padres at PETCO Park. The second telecast will be on ESPN2, with the Dodgers hosting the San Francisco Giants on April 6. The Dodgers won’t be on again until July 20.

Joining the Dodgers with three appearances on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball will be the New York Yankees (April 13 vs. Boston Red Sox; April 27 vs. Los Angeles Angels; July 13 at Baltimore Orioles), and the Red Sox (April 13 at Yankees; April 20 vs. Orioles; May 18 vs. Detroit Tigers). The game on April 20 between the Red Sox and the Orioles will be on at 7:00 p.m. ET, an hour earlier than usual given that Boston will play a day game the following day, on Patriots’ Day.

The St. Louis Cardinals will also appear three times (May 11 at Pittsburg Pirates; May 25 at Cincinnati Reds; July 20 vs. Dodgers).

No Washington Nationals or Texas Rangers comes as a surprise, but they should make their way in during the second half.

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