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Bounce Back Candidate: Josh Hamilton


Josh Hamilton has endured a lot in his life and persevered through the darkest of days, so I’m pretty sure he can bounce back from one of his worst years as a professional.

In December of 2012, Josh Hamilton left the Texas Rangers and signed a 5-year 125 million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The moment he signed his name on the dotted line the uproar in Texas began. The Texas Rangers did a lot for Josh Hamilton, you could say the took the ultimate gamble on him after they picked him up in the Rule 5 draft from the Cincinnati Reds and boy did that gamble payoff. Once Hamilton joined the Rangers the legend was built, every baseball tool he possessed was showcased, finally reaching his MVP potential, just like every scout predicted when Hamilton was 18 years old.

Hamilton spent 5 years in Texas and boy did he make the most of them. In those 5 season he won: AL MVP, ALCS MVP, 5 time All-Star, AL Batting Champion, and a 3 time Silver Slugger winner. Hamilton was also very involved in the community as well making him one of the favorite athletes in the state of Texas, so you can kinda understand why some Rangers fans may of been upset about Hamilton’s departure.

The moment Josh Hamilton put on a Angels uniform it immediately came with added pressure, which often comes when any player signs a 100 million dollar contract. I’m sure if you ask Josh he would love to forget 2013. He put up career worst numbers in just about every hitting category and battled injuries through out most of the season. Then came all the criticism. Can he repeat the seasons he had in Texas? Can he live up to the contract he signed? My answer is yes, Hamilton is primed for a comeback season in 2014. I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m sure? Just look at Hamilton’s track record, he is a competitor and boy does he know how to swing the bat and when he is on, he is on. So when its all said and done I’m not worried about him, Josh will bounce back just fine.

It’s year two in a new city and year two with his new teammates and once player of the caliber of Josh Hamilton gets comfortable, pitchers beware!

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